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3175 East Richardson Rd Bad Axe MI 48413


M-F: 9-11am, 4-6pm
Saturday: 9-11am
Sunday: 4-6pm
Closed All Holidays

our price list


All pet pricing:

$20 per calendar day per pet

$15 for each additional pet staying in the same suite

*Pricing is per day regardless of drop-off or pick-up time.

Other Services

$15 Bath – Treat your pet to a refreshing bath during their stay with us. We’ll make sure they return home clean and smelling great!

$10 Nail Trim – Keep your pet’s paws healthy and their claws in check with our nail trimming service.

what to bring for your pet’s stay

Your pet’s comfort and safety are our top priorities, and these guidelines help ensure their stay is enjoyable and worry-free. Thank you for choosing us to care for your beloved furry family member.


Please bring your pet’s regular food to ensure they enjoy their stay to the fullest. With the multitude of dog food options available, we kindly ask you to provide your pet’s food, as we can’t carry every brand. We recommend bringing enough food for their entire stay, plus an extra day in case of any unexpected delays.  Sticking to your pet’s familiar food helps maintain their digestive comfort during their stay.


If you’d like to bring your own bedding, please ensure it’s washable and not irreplaceable. If you don’t bring bedding, we also have plenty of blankets to keep your pet comfortable. 


items from home

Pets love having familiar items with them, such as toys and comfort items. Feel free to bring toys, towels, small blankets, etc. These items carry your household scents, making your pet feel more at ease during their time away. We suggest introducing new toys to keep your pet engaged. While we’ll take great care of your pet’s belongings, please understand that we cannot guarantee the return of these items, so consider them as “disposable.”

Veterinary care

Your pet’s well-being is paramount to us. In the event of an emergency, we’ll do everything possible to provide the necessary care. Please provide a contact number where you can be reached or an emergency contact person for efficient communication between you, the vet, and us. It’s essential to inform us of any relevant medical history or potential issues your pet may experience during their stay.

book your reservation

Don’t wait any longer to secure your dog’s spot at Backyard Boarding. Our cozy retreat fills up quickly, and we don’t want your furry friend to miss out on all the tail-wagging fun! Whether it’s a weekend escape or an extended stay, your dog will thank you for choosing Backyard Boarding.

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